Vanuatu Permanent Residency is the fastest Permanent Residency program in the world. Within 5-7 working days, applicants can have a Permanent Residency from a Commonwealth country. Permanent Residency is valid for 10 years.


There is no need to come to Vanuatu, no need to stay in Vanuatu and no requirement for language. Permanent Residents can enter and exit Vanuatu as often as they want (Covid-19 border restriction dependent). All application documents only require scanned copies (no original documents need to be sent).



Persons over 18 (with their family)

With a valid passport

Must have a police clearance

Must have assets of USD350,000 (assets can be made up of cash in bank, cash in home safe, stocks, bonds, shares, property, car, art, furniture etc.)





  • PR is granted to applicants and their families for 10 years and is renewable or can lead to citizenship through naturalisation

  • Simple application process

  • No language requirement

  • No income requirement

  • No annual renewal fees 

  • No requirement to visit or reside in Vanuatu to obtain Permanent Residency

  • For those requiring proof of residence of another country for education purposes, Vanuatu PR will satisfy these requirements.

  • For those looking for a safe and secure alternative residence, with Vanuatu Permanently Residency (PR) you can enter and live in Vanuatu at any time.

  • Permanent Residency in a Commonwealth country close to New Zealand and Australia.

The PR Program was developed to attract donations from qualified investors to support the country’s development.

Vanuatu PR means that you can enter and live in Vanuatu anytime you want, for however long you want, without visa requirement. It also gives you an identification to prove that you have obtained another country’s Permanent Residency, which can help you in numerous ways. For example, in certain countries, in order to send your children to a private school, it requires the family to have another country Permanent Residency. 


Also, for persons who want to come and enjoy a carefree life and live in Vanuatu with their Permanent Residency for 10 years, they are then able to obtain full Vanuatu Citizenship.



1. Send copy of Passport Bio Page for Due Diligence check – 2 working days

2. Once DD complete and approved prepare application documents, Application Form & Investment Proposal (VIC will assist to prepare the Investment Proposal)

3. Submit to VIC for approval in 2 working days

4. Permanent Residency Card and Certificate issued within 3 working days of approval

5. DHL to Agent/Client

Total process takes approx. 7 working days + DHL shipping



Application Form – Leave Sections 39 & 40 blank

Passport copy (every applicant)

Health Report Letter copy (every applicant)

Passport photo Digital (every applicant)

Police clearance copy Notarized (Main applicant and spouse only)

Minimum 350,000 USD asset proof (Main applicant only)

Marriage certificate (Spouse only)

Birth Certificate (Children only)

Investment Proposal (VIC will assist to prepare)

Application form filled and signed (Main applicant only)




Single Applicant                           AUD 21,000 

Married Couple                            AUD 23,800

Married Couple + 1 Child           AUD 26,600

Married Couple + 2 Children     AUD 29,400


Fee is inclusive of all Government and VIC fees, charges and DHL of Permanent Residency Card and Certificate to the applicant.