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Vanuatu Investment Citizenship Limited (VIC) is a Vanuatu Government approved Designated Agent for the Vanuatu Development Support Program (DSP).  For your security, it's important to deal with a Government approved and regulated agent.

Over the past 5 years VIC has facilitated hundreds of client's Vanuatu Citizenships allowing for their increased global mobility, better protection of assets, greater financial privacy as well as personal and financial security.

As a Vanuatu Passport holder, citizens enjoy a tax-free financial base in a beautiful Island Nation with the freedom of visa free access to 100+ nations around the world including the UK, Russia, Hong Kong and Singapore.

VIC acts as: 

  • A Government Approved Designated Agent for the DSP.

  • An administrative resource for supporting the citizenship application process.  

  • A resource for exploring investment opportunities in Vanuatu, and bi-lateral trade. 

  • An information resource for tourism, property investment and travel related enquiries. 

  • VIC offers a wide range of Post Citizenship services including acquiring a Drivers License, Identity Card, Bank Account, Name Change and more.

VIC have offices in Port Vila, Republic of Vanuatu and Sydney, Australia. VIC services are available globally, direct to clients or through partners or referrals.

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