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The text below is to explain how VIC uses information from potential and current clientele.

In our day to day business relations, we collect confidential information like financial situation and personal identification to help advise our clients with professional standards.

The information we collect can come from a variety of sources. The client may send info electronically, through applications and query forms, by telephone and/or professional meetings to VIC employees and affiliates. The info may contain confidential information like account balances, transaction sheets, as well as information we might receive from credit reporting companies, such as credit reports, and information collected from the Internet.

The information provided by our database of clients is not to be sold or shared. Information such as the client’s name, income, and assets will be shared with our affiliates under the clients request only. Citizenship Invest will share client’s information with third parties as permitted by law, and we will only engage in such an activity if it was deemed necessary. The information shared to third parties is only per the requirements of the task at hand. No additional information will be shared. We may disclose information to third parties such as data processing providers for statement mailing and check printing, and securities broker dealers when using them to execute orders, to government entities in response to obligatory provisions of information, and as otherwise requested by our clients or when legally compelled to do so.

Citizenship Invest possesses physical, electronical, and procedural protection systems to guard all of our client’s personal information. Our strict security policies ensure the nondisclosure of client information. Information is only accessible by authorized personnel only for the purposes of servicing the clients. Our employees, and our account management practices, are governed by extensive regulatory procedures, and by internal Citizenship Invest procedures. Citizenship invest employees are obligated to follow confidentiality procedures provided by the management.

Security of the transactions carried out through this Internet site is of the utmost importance. Consequently, to use a form on this site, your browser software must be equipped with a 128-bit encryption. 128-bit encryption is a means of scrambling information that is transmitted during the duration of the transmission. 128-bit encryption is the strongest, most secure form of encryption currently available in Internet browsers on the market.

Enquiries about VIC Privacy Policy should be directed to Citizenship invest office at .

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